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Robotic Cutting & Welding Solutions

RoboInfra is a marketing partner of PlazmaSolutions for turnkey solutions to projects. RoboInfra brings simplification and turnkey solutions in the fabrication of complex structures in the following industries: PEB, oil and gas, petrochemicals, heavy engineering, nuclear, fabrication, bridge & road construction, railways, shipbuilding.

RoboIinfra is a one-stop shop which offers complete metal fabrication and finishing services. Using robotics, RoboInfra also offers high quality complex cutting and welding in fabrication shop floors.

RoboIinfra has full rights and is authorized to promote the entire Plazma Solutions product range across India.

The Plazma product range is as follows:

RoboPlazma Cutting Systems

RoboPlazma Welding Systems.

ZBot Cutting and welding Systems

Plazma Power Source & Torches

RoboSwift Software

“Factory of the Future” solution

Spares and Consumable Supply

Operation and Maintenances contracts


RoboInfra provides various facilities to their clients under one umbrella. Some of the major facilities are as follows:

  • Turnkey Projects – Airport, Bridges, Shipyard & Railways.
  • RoboPlazma Cutting & Welding Systems
  • Setting up Factory of Future plants.
  • Design & Engineering services.
  • Reconditioned Machines
  • Machines on Rent
  • Job work / Cutting Services.
  •  Mobile Job Shop
  • Leasing Finance for Machinery purchase

Factory of The Future

RoboInfra also offers a “Factory of The Future” Factory Automation solution: RoboPlazma System with “Industry 4.0”. This involves a complete factory layout and automation of all processes thereby enabling the reduction of Operating costs and manpower, increased efficiency, optimum maintenance schedule and increased utilization of equipment.

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