Automotive Industry 

Normally with sheet metal, thermal cutting process is extremely critical, as excess heat immediately increases the slag, drastically altering the microstructure of the cut edge.

Our Coherent Plazma is a revolutionary new technology, and delivers a precious quantum energy for a high quality cut, even on 0.5mm thin sheet metal. This beam is focused with much lesser overall KW energy than conventional plasmas.

RoboPlazma™ helps you in the following ways:

For 3D formed component trimming and sheet metal cutting

No trimming dies required for prototyping development

RoboPlazma™ reads direct CAD input and cut the formed sheet metal component

Eliminate long lead time to manufacture trimming dies and enabling finished products to be launched faster

Any change of model or alteration, is just a question of programming; avoiding expensive retooling

Leser like cutting at a fraction of the operating and capital costs of a laser

Batch Processing

Low operating cost

From fixed robot, the system can be scaled up to moving cantilever RoboPlazma™ configuration. As your business grows, the systems grows with you.