Petroleum Refineries

To be competitive in the market, upgradation and onsite modifications of Petrochemical reactors is the key factor for higher throughput at lower cost. Per hour shut down cost of Refinery plant is huge. Onsite plant modification is not easy; it is time consuming and not safe at all.

Our RoboPlazma™ system is capable for processing such complex onsite plant modifications. This system not only minimizes plant shut down time but also saves huge costs. RoboPlazma™ modular hardware and intelligent RoboSwift™ software configuration makes all this possible now.

Some of major Benefits for Onsite plant modifications are:

Onsite Nozzle cut outs just in 3 days

Matching CAD and physical data while cutting.

Cutting carried out 60 meter up in the air in existing plant.

145 mm thick shell cut against gravity.

Reduce Plant down time.

Reduce plant shut down cost.

Our Valued RoboPlazma™ customer in India had adopted this smart solution to modify their grassroot Petroleum refinery reactor and increased nozzle size. All this was achieved just in 3 days and overall plant throughput was increased by 30%.