Structural Steel Fabricators

RoboPlazma™ is an ideal solution for small, medium and large Structural Steel Fabricators that are looking for a single machine solution to fabricate Beams, Channels, Angles, Tubes, Pipes and also have Large Plate processing covered with the same machine.

RoboPlazma™ is a One Stop Solution for the following Industries

Pre Engineered Buildings

Industrial Sheds

Shopping Malls

Offices & Housing Complexes

Railway Bridge & Metro stations

Indoor & Outdoor Stadiums


High Mass Towers

Offshore Platforms

Oil & Gas Refinery Platforms etc

RoboPlazma™ opened the doors to fully automated manufacturing for structural fabricators by minimizing material handling, drastically reducing labour and cutting costs increasing output. All this, while lowering capital investment in machinery, since one RoboPlazma™ system does it all.

In structural steel fabrication sxhop moving long, heavy structural members around your shop is difficult and costly. It does not add value to the product. Your client only pays for the finished fabricated product and is not bothered whether a beam was moved 15 times or 3 times in your shop.

RoboPlazma™ eliminates 90% of transfers and material handling. Finish parts are delivered to the fabricators and fit ups to boot productivity. Skilled labour dependency is reduced to almost minimum.

Each structural steel member has all its copes, slots, miters, bolt holes, notches, flush cuts, piece marks and layout marks made in one pass through RoboPlazma™. This is fast, accurate and economical.

With RoboPlazma™, time and labour goes into welding and fit ups and not moving it around your shop for different operations.